Special Service    
  We deal Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH in Bangladesh who deals a large number of products (2,00,000 + ).
We provide Certificate of Analysis of each product at the time of goods delivery, which is also available on Sigma-Aldrich on following link. Anyone can download by searching with Product No. & Lot No. No membership or log in is required. Click Here
  We are ready to give you prompt support for your each & every query, even it is for a single product.
  We give you online support Price Offer, Product Specification, MSDS or any other clarification after getting your any query at info@kuricompany.com
  We strive to make your experience with us positive, with the hope that you will continue to use our service.
  We have Sales Team, Technical Support Team, and Accounts & Commercial Dept. to meet your service requirement.
We used to maintain a large numbers of Sigma-Aldrich products in Bangladesh. All of such stocks are being maintaining in a suitable environment at our warehouse. According to the  requirement of the products we also store those at desired temperature like 2-8⁰ C & -20⁰C.

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